Nkwazi Drones.


High-Resolution Image
& Video Capture

Get the highest quality aerial imagery available today at incredible speed. We’re the industry leader in turnaround time, so you’ll have visibility on your building, worksite, or other assets in the shortest period of time possible. Our drones can capture the angles and level of detail not available from other forms of image capture, and our pilots use the most cutting-edge drone systems on the market.

Scalable Pilot Network

With our in house and network of certified pilots, we can scale to meet your needs - anywhere, anytime. We can quickly scale operations up or down to fit your requirements for any industry or location. Custom shot-lists and training are available to ensure our solution is a perfect fit for your business.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal image inspection is utilized across multiple verticals as a key diagnostic tool for business-critical assets. Infrared technology provides a cost-effective and time-efficient tool for roofing, electrical, solar, energy, and data center inspections. Detect costly issues sooner - such as moisture entrapment under a roof membrane or a defective cell on a solar panel - that the naked eye can’t see.

Drone Inspections

We use drones to safely inspect roads, wind mills, boilers, cooler towers, solar panels, storage tanks and other infrastructure. Drones help reduce shutdown times and production. They also reduce the requirement for working at unsafe heights and in confined spaces which can be hard to reach or in many cases hazardous. Additionally, drones assist in the improvement of safety and quality while minimizing any negative environmental impact.

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