Nkwazi Drones.

Healthcare And Support


The rapid delivery of vaccines, medications and supplies right to the source could quash outbreaks of life-threatening communicable diseases. Communication equipment, mobile technology, portable shelter comprise the vast list of what could be delivered in a rapid fashion to areas where critical infrastructure damage would prevent ground or typical air transport.


Providing communities with essential health care is no easy task. Medical professionals from emergency responders and third world aid workers to time-stressed staffers in large hospitals face a host of challenges every day—challenges unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, can help overcome.


Drones make it possible to deliver blood, vaccines, birth control, snake bite serum and other medical supplies to rural areas and have the ability to reach victims who require immediate medical attention within minutes, which in some cases could mean the difference between life and death. They can transport medicine within hospital walls and courier blood between hospital buildings, as well as give elderly patients tools to support them as they age in place. UAS offer a variety of exciting possibilities to the health care industry, possibilities that help save money as well as lives.

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